Tragic Lessons to learn - stress and overwhelm in law

Tragic lessons to learn… about life, and a death, in law

Vanessa A week ago today, an inquest pieced together the final, tragic moments of a high flying law firm equity partner and mum (article here). Her name was Vanessa Ford. …

Online Career Break Return Course - coaching for lawyers

Return & Rise in Law: Online Career Break Return Course Launching Friday 15th December 2023

STAY – TRANSFORM – LEAD Returner Significance Returners are an important group in the retention challenge in the legal profession, given we know 52% of new entrants to the legal …

The Presumption of Resilience and How to Enhance Yours - coaching for lawyers

The Presumption of Resilience – and How to Enhance Yours

Article for Counsel Magazine, published September 2023 An 8 minute read on the trials and tribulations of advancing your career in law; from pupillage to the bar and beyond, along …

summer reset button work life balance career progression in law

Ready for a Summer ‘Re-set’?

Article for Counsel Magazine, published July 2023 A 5 minute read on being ready to take a summer break and hit that reset button, and the benefits of doing so. …

coaching for lawyers achieving work life balance

Life Balance and How to Achieve It… through mindset, prioritisation and boundaries

A 6 minute read on the pressures of working in the legal profession, especially post-pandemic, where we seem to have enabled the encroachment of work into our personal lives even …

confident career break return

Career Break Returner Coaching: 5 strategies for a confident return

Article for Her Bar, published January 2023 A 6 minute read on the difficulties encountered during a career break return to the Bar, and providing 5 strategies to combat these …

coaching for lawyers surviving the great resignation

How Your Firm Can Survive the Great Resignation

A 5 minute read on how law firms can adapt to minimise staff attrition due to the effects of the Great Resignation.  

boundaries burn out and balance

Boundaries, Burn-Out and Balance in a Post-Pandemic World

A six minute read on the good and bad outcomes of the pandemic in terms of remote working and how setting boundaries can help combat the issues, reduce stress and …

talent retention and attraction in law

Talent Retention and Attraction in 2022: 6 Leadership strategies to Navigate the Great Resignation in Law

The Great Resignation In “The Great Resignation”, Professor Anthony Klotz predicted large-scale worker resignations post-pandemic as employees re-assess their commitment to the “old” routine – the rigid 9 to 5 …