Women in career transition Your first 100 days and beyond

Women in career transition: Your first 100 days and beyond

Originally written for The Law Society in 2019 Deciding to decide Time and again my amazingly competent female lawyer clients say that any minute they’re going to get found out, …

coaching for lawyers achieving work life balance

Life Balance and How to Achieve It… through mindset, prioritisation and boundaries

A 6 minute read on the pressures of working in the legal profession, especially post-pandemic, where we seem to have enabled the encroachment of work into our personal lives even …

coaching for lawyers surviving the great resignation

How Your Firm Can Survive the Great Resignation

A 5 minute read on how law firms can adapt to minimise staff attrition due to the effects of the Great Resignation. https://www.lawsociety.org.uk/topics/business-management/how-your-firm-can-survive-the-great-resignation