International Women’s Day 2024 Inspiring Inclusivity

International Women’s Day 2024: Inspiring Inclusivity – One hit wonder or is the real work also being done?

A 4 minute read on investment in people across the legal profession, encompassing cultural embedding of progression, support and welfare, and how coaching, mentoring and inspirational speaking events can help …

international womens day

Embracing Equity…through the retention and elevation of women leaders

A 6 min read in recognition of International Women’s Day 2023 Retention/ Leadership Stats The stats surrounding in/equality within the legal profession are well rehearsed and remain depressingly static. They …

International Womens Day - women in law

Resilience, Retention and Rising: How to Break the Bias by retaining women in law

A 5 minute read on overcoming gender bias, the Great Resignation and how women in law can, through coaching, not only survive within the legal profession, but thrive and go …

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Let’s choose to challenge old school working life

A 4 minute read on why the return to office work cannot mean a return to old working life Talent Retention and Flexible working It’s looking increasingly certain that July …

in conversation with Spire Barristers

In conversation with Spire Barristers for International Women’s Day: Discussions from the Covid Frontline.

A series of podcasts, in which members of chambers chat with various inspirational women about their experiences of the past year working with and supporting others throughout the pandemic.