Birthday Blog

Birthday Blog

Something to Celebrate

“60% of new businesses go-under within three years, and 20% close their doors within just 12 months,” according to 2019 figures in the Telegraph. Today I’m delighted then to be celebrating Nikki Alderson Coaching’s 3rd year in business, seeing a steady rise in client numbers, including on an international level, and a sharp increase in invitations to speak at events for law firms, Chambers and Women in Law groups.

Where it all began

As a former barrister with 19 years’ experience, I remain committed through coaching to supporting law firms and Chambers retain female talent and empowering female lawyers to achieve career ambitions. I speak from experience. In 2004, having been in practice 8 years, I had the good fortune to become a Bar Human Rights Committee Volunteer. I worked with attorneys in Kingston, Jamaica, assisting in the defence of Capital Murder cases and became involved with one case, in particular, that was life changing not just for the defendants involved, but also for me personally.

Over 2 weeks, I observed what felt like a slow motion car-crash: a miscarriage of justice happening before my very eyes. A trial in which I observed inadmissible evidence go before the jury, poorly prepared and inexperienced advocates unsatisfactorily argue critical points, and judicial bias against the 2 men who ultimately were convicted and sentenced to Death. If that wasn’t bad enough, whilst held on Death Row awaiting execution, both were stabbed with make-shift weapons by fellow inmates, one near-fatally as he received 19 severe stab wounds all about his body, and being fortunate not to have lost an eye in the process.

On his discharge from hospital and return to the local penitentiary, during a conference, my client placed on mine a shaking hand, fear evident in the good eye, without weeping dressings covering it, and begged “Get me out of here”. No pressure there, then!

I worked hard in my voluntary role to do just that, both in Jamaica and back at home. And after a career rollercoaster like that and, over 18 months later, ultimately celebrating both men’s release, it is no surprise I had something of a “career crossroads” moment, de-sensitised as I was going back to what had become the “daily diet” of child serious sexual abuse cases.

I saw the road ahead and wanted to take the nearest u-turn.

Becoming “Your Best Self”

It was then that I first experienced coaching. The experience got me right back on track and I was once again able to show up at work for my clients as “my best self”. The positive difference to my career – and whether I stayed or went – was undeniable.

It is this experience that I draw on to support my clients. I’ve already trodden the path where being stuck you become unstuck, where you can’t see the next career progression move then take one. And all thanks to coaching.


Such was the positive influence upon me of coaching that I undertook a rigorous 2 year qualification in Corporate and Executive Coaching whilst still full time at the Bar. The small matter of having a family put business plans on hold until 2 years ago today, when I had a now or never moment. The rest, I guess, is history. Nikki Alderson Coaching launched and what a journey it has been.

International Coaching Business Empowering Female Lawyers

Over the last 2 years, I have been fortunate to coach hundreds of female lawyers, whether individually or in workshops, and having developed a national as well as an international business is grist to the mill of market need. Law firms and Chambers are understanding the importance of, and significantly seeing the benefits to staff/ members of, a focus on personal development to improve productivity/ confidence and consequently increase profits.

Those transitioning in to leadership positions and career break returners have been my recent focus, but I’ve yet to have a client not extol the virtues of even a short course of coaching and become the person at work, and elsewhere, that they desire to be.

What Client’s Say

“Nikki’s coaching helped me to gain a greater sense of power and control over my professional situation…. The sessions also enabled me to see my direction of travel with increased clarity through refining my core values and objectives. Coaching with Nikki was a valuable investment in myself and my career:” Frances Lawson, Barrister at 6 Pump Court

Results, Reflections, Gratitude and Thanks

Taking a leap of faith as I did 2 years ago to completely change my career has been as intensely challenging as it has been exciting and rewarding. I am passionate about the daily results I observe in clients.

As every good coach would do, I reflect. I reflect on the months and years in business gone by,  and realise since February 2019 in particular, having made my business highly specialised by raising its online profile, it has been a significant positive impact on countless organisations and individuals. Every day it is an absolute privilege to work so closely with women in law, and significantly keep them there!

Thank you for supporting me through my journey. If we have yet to connect, please let’s do so.



Nikki Alderson Biography

Nikki Alderson is a former criminal barrister, now Corporate and Executive Coach supporting law firms and Chambers to attract and retain female talent within the legal profession, and empowering female lawyers to achieve career ambitions whilst creating congruent lives. Having gained great insights into the responsibilities, pressures and “expected” career paths of those, particularly women, working in law, Nikki sees a challenge within the profession, which she hopes to address through coaching, of retaining talented women role models, given the dearth of women in senior partnership roles and within the judiciary


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