The GROW Coaching Model: Goals; Reality; Options; Will/ Way Forward

The GROW Coaching Model: Goals; Reality; Options; Will/ Way Forward

Golden Acre Park, Leeds

Crunching through the reddy-brown autumn leaves in Yorkshire’s Golden Acre Park today whilst my youngest delightedly scooted through muddy puddles, we came across a freshly dug mole hill. To him, it was huge, and an opportunity to scramble up the loose soil to the top and use as a springboard from which to jump back to terra firma. As an adult looking down, I noticed, with perspective, how the earthy mound appeared flat, or at least much smaller and more conquerable than my 2 year old believed.

Life Balance Workshop

It made me think of the life balance workshop I delivered last week to Health Care professionals branching out from NHS employment into the private sector and starting out or developing their own businesses. Amongst many things, we looked at “the big vision”, the reality of their circumstances, expanded our thoughts to consider limitless possibilities around what could be done to achieve the end goal, then put in place the first action steps – what would be done, and when-  to move, with positive momentum, towards their overall objective.

GROW Model

I was struck with how, in a similar way to the molehill, the coaching model applied had made the business goal look so much more manageable with perspective – and having considered the bigger picture (child’s view of the whole mole hill), then going on to break it down into bite-sized, achievable chunks, it was possible to start the process of first steps towards the overall objective because it made it look easy, possible, simple.


The positive feedback from such an exercise speaks volumes: “The workshop was fantastic. You covered so much in a short time and gave us direction. On a personal level, it helped me get some thoughts on paper to develop my business plan. I am planning on making a dream board; was very inspired by yours.”

Putting Businesses into forward momentum

I understand with renewed insight how, especially in business, we shouldn’t make a mountain out of a mole hill. Get a vision, get a plan, move.


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