Life isn’t about waiting for the winds to change; it’s learning to adjust your sails

Life isn’t about waiting for the winds to change; it’s learning to adjust your sails
3 Helpful Hints to safely navigate significant change & new challenges in business

Planning is key

1.A goal without a plan is just a wish – Antoine de Saint Exupery

I started my coaching business whilst a full time mum working in the nooks and crannies of time. In the beginning, I had just 4 “day light” hours in which to work the business. I found it critically important when working in such small pockets of time to have a clear vision of what I wanted and a strong motivation for getting there. Also, to be flexible: create time where you think there is none. Is there something that you could give up, to become more time rich?

For the “Big Goals” I found 2 helpful tools:

  • Goal Board

Sometimes referred to as Dream boards, I prefer the more tangible and achievable “Goal Board” title – a visual representation of “the plan” i.e. what you want, and when, and small steps to progress in between so you can see your achievements as they happen along the way. This is always displayed straight in front of me at my desk, motivating and driving me forward each day

  • Success Board

…for the days when you may be lacking that drive to get on with those all important tasks, similar to a Goal Board, display visual images of  your own achievements to date, so you can be reminded you are a person of value, feel proud and find motivation to carry on

2.You run the day or the day runs you – Jim Rohn

Break down the “Big Goals” into daily plans. Prioritize the importance of tasks in to “urgent”, “important” and “to do”. Be prepared to carry over some of the “to do” list to another day if it means the critically important tasks are attended to first.

Given the way I worked my business in the early days, I needed laser focus to make most efficient use of small pockets of time, and spent Sunday evenings planning each week day before they happened so when I got a rare and unexpected extra 10 minutes during the day, I could get straight to work and know precisely what needed doing, on what particular day, AND in what order of importance.

Planning is nothing without action…

Once you have a clear plan, implementation takes action!

A good way to drive action and momentum into your business, over and above following a good plan, is to know “your why.” If you have a powerful enough motivation, you will be driven to act upon it.

Ask yourself if you normally start your day at 6am, “what gets you up at 5am?” What are your most important reasons for doing what you do, and desiring that which you want to achieve?

Once you have established a powerful, emotional connection to “your why”, implementing your action plan will become more instinctive, more passionate, and you will act with unshakeable conviction: you will put yourself and the plan into forward momentum.

Finally, be you

Be authentic, never stop learning or growing as a person, be open to new opportunities, and challenge yourself to think differently about your current situation and the habits you, for right or wrong, have developed over a lifetime  and upon which you have become reliant.

“You can’t change your life if you don’t change your thinking…

Change your thinking; change your actions; change your life…”

Let’s work together to achieve this. It would be my absolute pleasure to do so.

Safe & happy sailing!


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