Sarah Blackmore, Barrister

I first discovered Nikki, after a colleague in Chambers recommended her book ‘Raising The Bar’ and thereafter, during the first Lockdown, her delivery of a fabulous interactive wellbeing webinar to all members, including the staff of chambers.

Throughout my career at the Bar, I have been hampered by the dreaded Imposter Syndrome, which I realised was stopping me from ‘playing big’ blocking any further progress in the profession I love.

Through my sessions with Nikki, she has guided me to be able to challenge the negative mindset I had created, which in turn has begun to realise much more self-confidence in me and a determination to break down the barriers that I had built internally that were holding me back.

I cannot recommend Nikki’s coaching methods highly enough – challenging yet supportive, thought provoking and energising, such that having concluded our sessions for now, I am left with a clear sense that I am the author or my own destiny and in fact the world (at the Bar and outside it) are my oyster!