Rachel, Law Firm Partner

I came across Nikki through LinkedIn…  Having spent many years absolutely loving my career, I found myself at a crossroads – unhappy in my current position but unsure exactly what I wanted. Being very busy at work, I had also struggled to devote any quality time to the idea of how best to progress my career. Nikki took the time, over a couple of telephone calls and without any pressure, to discuss what coaching entailed and how it could assist me. Having explained how the process works, I embarked on a series of sessions, still not entirely sure what to expect.

Quite simply, the coaching has been transformative! Nikki has gently guided me to a better understanding of how I work most effectively and helped me focus on what it is I want out of my career and how best to go about getting it.  She has provided me with some simple tools to break down my goals into bite-sized, achievable objectives and to avoid a sense of overwhelm. From the very first session, I have felt like a new woman – enthused, optimistic, efficient and effective.  I have recovered the positive mind-set I lost some time ago and now feel excited about the possibilities open to me