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coaching for lawyers achieving work life balance

Life Balance and How to Achieve It… through mindset, prioritisation and boundaries

A 6 minute read on the pressures of working in the legal profession, especially post-pandemic, where we seem to have enabled the encroachment of work
coaching for lawyers mens roles in gender diversity

No Man in Sight: How Male Allies Hold the Key to Avoiding Gender Diversity Silos in the Legal Profession

A 7 minute read on how men can help in the fight for equality in the workplace and 10 strategies to help them become an authentic ally. All Welcome
Moving On Up - career progression for women in the legal profession

Moving On Up

Contribution to an article in the Law Society Gazette, published March 2023 A 10 minute read on the issues surrounding women in law and climbing the
coaching for lawyers avoiding overwhelm

Avoid Overwhelm: Common Threats to Wellbeing and How to Improve it

A 3 minute read on workplace wellbeing including 6 tips on how to avoid overwhelm.  As a former criminal barrister with 19 years’ experience and now a
international womens day

Embracing Equity…through the retention and elevation of women leaders

A 6 min read in recognition of International Women’s Day 2023 Retention/ Leadership Stats The stats surrounding in/equality within the legal
confident career break return

Career Break Returner Coaching: 5 strategies for a confident return

Article for Her Bar, published January 2023 A 6 minute read on the difficulties encountered during a career break return to the Bar, and providing 5
Are you ever too old to train as a lawyer - coaching for lawyers

Are you ever too old to train as a lawyer

Contribution to an article in Legal Women, published May 2022 A 4 minute read on the barriers and benefits of studying law at an older age, with
career break return coaching benefits for individuals

Career Break Return Coaching: Part 2: 3 Evidence- based Investment Benefits for individuals

A 3 minute read on how career break return can affect the mindset of returners and how coaching helps not only with navigating the return to work, but
career break return coaching benefits for organisations

Career Break Return Coaching: Part 1: 5 Evidence- based Investment Benefits for Organisations

A 5 minute read on how career break return coaching can help both the individual and the long term aims of law firms, with evidence-based benefits for
coaching for lawyers leadership and vulnerability

Leadership and Vulnerability: A Courageous Combination

A 5 minute read on what makes a vulnerable leader and the benefits of being one, with 4 strategies for developing vulnerability in leadership. Have
coaching for lawyers surviving the great resignation

How Your Firm Can Survive the Great Resignation

A 5 minute read on how law firms can adapt to minimise staff attrition due to the effects of the Great Resignation.

Growth Mindset for Lawyers and Law Firms: Survival and success for the perpetual learners in life

An 8 minute read on the benefits of the growth mindset for lawyers, including strategies for adoption for firms and individuals Lawyer Resistance to
coaching for lawyers finding your voice

Finding Your Voice and Using it Effectively at Work

A five minute read on how, as a woman, you can utilise your voice in different ways to command situations and influence positive outcomes. Includes 4
can do cancer

Can Do Cancer: My 3 Strategies for navigating the stormy seas of cancer diagnosis and treatment

A 7 minute read on how utilising resilience techniques such as mindset, perspective and redefining success can help you navigate a cancer diagnosis
coaching for lawyers confidence

Leaders in Waiting: Part 2 – Confidence

  Article for Counsel Magazine, published July 22 A 4.5 minute read on progressing a career at the Bar including considerations to be made when
Leaders in waiting: part 1 – goal setting

Leaders In Waiting – Part 1 Goal Setting

Article for Counsel Magazine, published June 22 A 6 minute read about career planning in the legal profession with guidance on how this may progress
The Big C: The journey so far

The Big C: The journey so far…

What I’ve learned and how it might help Coping with Cancer Did you ever push aside a nagging, unrelenting gut feeling? Can you think back to a time
boundaries burn out and balance

Boundaries, Burn-Out and Balance in a Post-Pandemic World

A six minute read on the good and bad outcomes of the pandemic in terms of remote working and how setting boundaries can help combat the issues,
talent retention the great resignation

Leading through The Great Resignation: How Leaders working flexibly, creating healthy boundaries and promoting open communication can support staff retention

A four minute read on strategies to help law firms combat The Great Resignation and retain talent within their organisation. Leaders getting clued up
International Womens Day - women in law

Resilience, Retention and Rising: How to Break the Bias by retaining women in law

A 5 minute read on overcoming gender bias, the Great Resignation and how women in law can, through coaching, not only survive within the legal
creating wellbeing amongst team

Balancing Wellbeing as a Virtual Leader: 4 Strategies for Creating and Encouraging Wellbeing amongst your team whilst Working Remotely and from Home

A 5 minute read on how to increase wellbeing at work and become a role model for it in a virtual world. Whilst the hybrid system of combining working